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08-01-2014, 01:05 AM
Faatimah Bint al-Shaykh Muhammad Bin Abdul-Wahaab Rahimahumullah

She sought knowledge from a young age up until she became old and did not get married. She was described to have been beautiful and chaste.

When the siege increased in Ad-Dir'iyyah by the soldiers of Ibrahim Baashaa (1233H) - she fled with her nephew Alee Bin Hassan Bin Shaykh Muhammad - so they fled to Oman.

The narrators say: When she was on her way towards Oman with her nephew, they past by a wooden gate at a tomb of a "Wali". No one would pass it except that they would sacrifice something at this tomb.

So they were requested by the two guards of this tomb to do so.

Her nephew replied: "We will not sacrifice for him except for (throwing) dust on his face!"

She replied: "No, we won't (even) sacrifice dust."

And both of them came up with a honourable purpose.

Taken from the book: 'Ulamaa Najd khilaal thamaaniyah quroon
By Shaykh Abdullah Al-Bassaam (Rahimahullah)