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10-16-2012, 08:41 PM
assalamu alaikum wa rahmatu Allah

All praise belongs to Allaah, May Allaah's praise and peace be upon the final Prophet Muhammad, upon his Family, his Companions and all those*who follow his way.

To Proceed:
Miraath al-Anbiyaa ( Miraath.Net ) would like to present our new*publications from the works of our honorable Salafi scholars, such as*Shaykh, Rabia' bin Hadi al-Madkhali, Shaykh, Ubayd al-Jabari, Shaykh*
Zaid al-Madkhali and many others, may Allaah bless all of them.
We have been given permission by the Shaykhs to translate all their*books, which have been printed by Miraath an-Nabawi Publications in*Algeria , their authorization will be posted soon on our site*
insha-Allah . You can find the contact details for our distributors on the site. We*also welcome any distributors for other parts of the globe.

From our latest titles from the works of Shaykh Rabia' bin Hadi*al-Madkhali are: o 'The necessity to conform to the way of the Salaf' o At-Taqwa and its Effects
among many other titles due to be released soon InshAllaah. From our latest titles from the works of Shaykh Ubayd ibn al-Jabari*are: o Aiding the Salafi by way of Principles and Guidelines of the Salafi*
Methodology o The Prophet's Warning of Evil After the Good

An extension from our publishing, is our new site which contains many*beneficial works translated into English; from articles, Fatawa and a*24hr radio broadcasting live and recorded lectures and lessons in*
English from the scholars.

miraath Publications website :*http://www.miraath.net/publications/

Miraath Publications
Abu Zeiad, Khalid Bagais