View Full Version : Reminder upon the conclusion of Ramadhaan

09-02-2012, 08:39 PM
بسم الله الرَّحمن الرَّحيم

الحمد لله ربِّ العالمين والصَّلاة والسَّلام على نبيِّنا محمَّدٍ و آله وصحبه وسلَّم

We demonstrate our gratitude to Allah in providing us the opportunity to witness and complete Ramadan, as we ask that our deeds and actions presented within the blessed month are righteous and accepted.

We begin with a reminder to all and every one of us; indeed the conclusion of the month of Ramadan does not in any way dictate the conclusion of striving and persevering in the actualisation of worship to the Creator of the Heavens and Earth and all of that which exists.... >>> READ MORE >>> (http://salaficentre.com/2012/08/reminder-upon-the-conclusion-of-ramadan/)