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07-25-2012, 03:25 PM
Live Daily Lessons during the Month of Ramadaan



Live Lessons by;

Shaikh Muhammed bin Hadi al Madkhalee (hafidah ullaah)

Shaikh Rabee bin Hadi al Madkhalee (hafidah ullaah)

Shaikh Ubaid al Jabiree (hafidah ullaah)

Shaikh Arafat bin Hassan al Muhammedi (hafidah ullaah)

08-05-2012, 03:51 PM
Shaikh Rabee (hafidha ullaah) has a daily sitting at 6pm Makkah Time

'Reading of the Qur'aan with benefits from the tafseer of Ibn Katheer (rahimah ullaah)'.

Shaikh Ubaid (hafidhah ullah) has also been giving Live lessons during Ramadaan.

These lessons are broadcast on www.miraath.net or in the Paltalk Room Miraath Al Anbiyaa IiI Salafi Duroos Room.

Currently the lessons are on at 12am, however in the last ten nights of Ramadaan the Shaikh (hafidha ullaah) will change the time to 11pm Makkah Time.

11:00pm Makkah Time every Saturday and Sunday (inshaAllaah):
The Lesson: "Extracting the Rulings from the Ayaat of Fasting in the Qur'aan."

11:pm Makkah Time every Tuesdays and Thursdays (inshaAllaah):
Open Session this is a question and answer session.

Link for more details.


All past lessons usually are/ will be uploaded onto the miraath.net site for anyone who missed them but wants to benefit (inshaAllaah).

The lessons are in Arabic.
Alhumduillaah the Shaikh (hafidhah ullaah) speaks clearly and slowly and is easy to follow even for the beginner in learning Arabic.

May Allaah bless and reward our Salafi shayoouk and grant them long healthy lives for their efforts in passing on knowledge, ameen.