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  1. The Ruling on Attacking the enemy by blowing oneself up in a car
  2. Doubts from the Takfiris and Extremists
  3. Abdullah Al-Faisal, Abu Qatadah and Abu Hamza: Al-Misree Three Takfiris Refuted
  4. Oslo Terrorist Who Killed at Least 92 at Youth Camp Is Anti-Muslim Pro-Zionist
  5. Scholarly Refutations of Acts of Terror, such as 9-11, and Terrorism's Clear Opposition to The Blessed Religion of Islaam
  6. Islamist "Cleric" Anwar al-Awlaki 'killed in Yemen' - BBC
  7. The First of the Handholds of Islam to Be Broken is the Rule (al-Hukm) and the Last is the Prayer
  8. Prince Naif bin Abdul-Azeez, May Allaah Have Mercy Upon Him. A Plllar Against the Khawarij
  9. Prince Naif & His Stance Against the Khawarij; Makkah 1979, The Haram is Seized by Them.
  10. Islaam's Prohibition of Taking Lives Unjustly and Causing Fear in the Earth
  11. Shaikh Ahmad An-Najmee: The Salafis are Free from Terrorist Acts
  12. Shaikh Fawzaan Praises Shaikh Rabee', praises Shaikh Rabee's Refutation of Sayyid Qutb's Ideology, Errors in Creed
  13. Oppressing the Non-Muslims
  14. The Tears Of Ibn Baaz: When Ibn Jibreen and Salmaan al-Awdah Debated Ibn Baaz